Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Someone is still not sleeping!

I knew I shouldn't have asked Aidan into my room to lie down with me.

I was taking my forty winks and I heard him squealing in the living room because some remote control malfunction and he couldn't view his Charlie and Lola. I asked him to come into the room and five minutes later, he was already dozing away beside me. And that was 5.20pm, mind you.

At 6.00pm I tried all temptations to wake him up. Lemonade, ice cream, Slurpee, Thomas Tank, neh. But the lemonade trick worked about ten minutes later. Less than an hour nap, that was all it took, and it is fifteen to 11.00pm now. He is still walking in and out of his room with excuses, pain here, hi there, where book, etc. etc.

No more arvo naps for you, buddy.


mott said...

ha ha ha..i know what u mean!!!

Sweetpea said...

mott - their power nap REALLY VERY powerful wor!

MamaBoK said...

Hehehe!! lets shake hands.. ;)

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - how many more years u think we still have to endure this eh?