Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tagged by Buffy

Buffy tagged me on seven facts about yours truly. I think I may have done this one before, but hey, there are lots of facts about me :P

Hmm.... like :

  1. I am a great procrastinator. I can be very good at that. Until the deadline draws near, eg. exams, I would start burning the midnight oil and have heaps of coffee.
  2. I am a Grobanite. I absolutely ADORE Josh Groban :)
  3. I am the best gift wrapper! Among my colleagues, that is. I cannot stand the way they just bundle the item up in a wrapper and casually pop the sticky tape on. I love my end results, something like this and this. Just don't rush me :)
  4. Keep heaps of recipe books but never got around reading them.
  5. Always asking for the simplest way and shortest cuts yet most delicious food and desserts, no mixer or pin-rolling required, yet still never got around doing one.
  6. Love my son to bits. This is a true, honest, no nonsense, absolute, ultimate fact. I have just been complimented this afternoon by the manager of a restaurant we frequent. He said not every parent has the patience to look after a child. I beamed. I am proud.
  7. I just made the worst stink bomb ever. Oops, did I just say that? One bowel evacuation project coming right up!

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