Thursday, December 20, 2007

While it rained truckloads out there...

When I say truckloads, try imagining the difference of that and buckets. The heaviest, worst ever rain I witnessed today. Water was gushing from the main street down to our place, and my neighbour's pool actually disappeared under all the muddy water.

So while it rained truckloads outside, I added some stuff to the otherwise dull shelf.

Not that it looked like a million, but at least a little Christmas spirit here. We never owned an actual Christmas tree, don't have enough space for it. Perhaps next year, when I can get rid of some toys of Aidan's. Hopefully.

Then I bucked up and did my Christmas present wrapping, finally. Did I mention I love wrapping presents?

Still got one more present to buy! Arrghh!!


mott said...

oh..that's real nice! i'm sure it adds some xmassy feel to it!

i am veiting for the xmas sale bonanza, then will go shop for pressies. unfortunately, i suck at wrapping...really if u get a horrigible wrapped gift, u know it's mine.. ;-)

JO-N said...

Nice load!

Sweetpea said...

mott - haha. if u need any help in this dept. i'll be glad to help :)

jo-n - thanks :) don't buy, don't buy, ended up with so many stuff. this is not all, unfortunately!

allthingspurple said...

u buy a small small tree lar,One that sits on the corner table or something like that. But wow.. looky looky looky !!! Bet Aidan cant wait to open them up. 80% of them for him, right? Just kidding.

Have a Merry Christmas !!!

Sweetpea said...

allthingspurple - ahah! this tree u are talking about arr.. i will buy after christmas. that's when the price is dirt cheap, kekeke. for next year lor. and as for the presents, most of them are for other ppl lar, hahaha!