Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Spitted out a teeny bit of something and soon found out that it was part of my tooth! Lucky thing it was really teeny weeny bit. I don't want to be going to the dentist again. I think it's good to think about becoming a dentist here, anyone reading this.

They are always almost fully booked, they charge prices which I can only describe as extorbitant, as compared to Malaysia. Tell me the price of your filling in Malaysia. My price here is anything from $60 to $120, depending on the size. My fillings here have costed me more than a thousand dollars so far. AUSSIE BUCK! I could've had my teeth whitened so many times back in Malaysia.

It's about time for me to pester hubby again for taking up private health insurance. At least we all get to clean our teeth for free once a year and I can get a pair of prescription glasses too. He is still in the stage of deciding. Kira punya kira, kira rumput mati. Aduhai, suami I.

That being said, calcium up my list, among other stuff that I am taking, Flaxseed Oil, Hair Skin & Nails, Silica, Milk Thistle, Livercare Complex, Imedeen... the list goes on, but nothing on a daily basis :P


mama bok said...

I hear yer..!! it's ex here too.. in Canada..!!! can die you know..!! my root canal cost $996.00 .. + tax..!!! i almost fainted..!!! filling is $100 and extracting is 60.. :(

Sweetpea said...

mamabok - bottomline is, no money, don't EVER get SICK! no matter which part of the body!!