Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Howzit howzit howzit, eh??

SEE my new header?

Eversince I screamed out for help many friends have been offering recommendation, some offering to help, but of course, with everyone's schedules tight as anything, I didn't expect one for at least a couple of weeks. So who made me this new header? Wait lar..

Today, finally, I made my much deprived appetite for 'tong yuen'. And since Mott is visiting and she said she eats them too, it was perfect timing. Coz Wilkin doesn't eat it, and I don't want to sapu all by myself. So when she got here, the kids had a chugga-chugging time, while we enjoyed a little tong yuen. Then I thought, eh, pregnant woman can eat that or not? Coz it's glutinous rice flour, difficult to digest. If she complains of indigestion, which is a problem itself in pregnancy, I don't want to be the culprit lar!! So I never offered her a second bowl!

She also offered to do my header next week. Me happy lar. Much later when I checked my email, I found a link waiting for me by this foxy Meh Meh!! Not a word from her before, boh bayang pun, and *Plink* just like magic, I got this wonderful new header.

THANK YOU MEH MEH!! Did my avatar then this one again. So so sweet :)

By the way Mott, I still want yours, kekeke. Better still, you teach me how to do and also perhaps a brand new background? Ahak ahak ahak! I've learn to accept an inch but take a yard now. No more shy shy, coz that won't get me anything.

But for right now, let me finish the last of the tong yuens. Dang, tomorrow is going to be one tough day in that tiny cubicle.


Sue said...

Very what..hehe
I'm also thinking of moving my site...

Sasha said...

hahahaah u think u are jayden ah ? glad u liked it. Mott also very good in designing,you are so lucky. See so many peeps lap u much much ..

etceteramommy said...

Cantik nya......... the header and the prince!!! He's also a fan of Thomas?

eastcoastlife said...

Wow! I also want!!! Sasha nad Mott so hebat!!!

mott said...


cantik betul!

Thanks for your tong yuen also!!! ha ha indigestion whatsoever!

glad the lil guys had a good time. next time, i pop by...sandpit la. Coz suddenly JR remembered abt it.....

ha ha ha!!!

Sweetpea said...

sue - no, i've never thot of moving mine, but $10 for a year sounds good. too bad though, they don't have the name i want :(

sasha - i know i know! fank yiu velly muchy lor! muaks muaks muaks! u no sweat, i WILL pester mott like crazy :P

etceteramommy - you bet! given the chance he will want the whole of sodordome.

ECL - go suck 'em up! hahahhaa

mott - hey, you come anytime eh, tues or thurs. i no work then :P

Annie Q said...

wow wow wow..nice header!This "meh meh" memang hebat! hahahahahah

babyfiona said...

NICE! all toes up!

Sweetpea said...

annie and babyfiona - thanks. she said she just sort of 'flip' something up. imagine if she's doing a serious job about it, sure no 'gau chor' wan! :)