Friday, January 11, 2008

New Words

As I was listening to the radio while driving to work the other day, the DJ mentioned some new words which I found appropriate and funny.

KIPPERS - Kids in Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings, or something like that. It means adults still living in their parents' houses. It is not considered cool to be living with the oldies when you are 30. But I guess I want Aidan to be a 'Kippers' till he is at least 28. Don't ask me why that figure, just like it. Yee fatt, yee fatt. CNY coming lar oi. I was a semi-Kippers till I was 30. At least I paid boarding!

FLOORDROBE - It's wardrobe on the floor. Get it? If my hubby applies this attitude at home, he can wash his own clothes.

MR.LOMBARD - Mr. Lots-Of-Money-But-A-Real-Dickhead. This one is wa mia 'lau-banh'

Or perhaps we have noticed lately the change in fashion language:

No longer it's called Old, but Vintage.

Used/Second-hand or Hand-me-Downs - Pre-loved. Doesn't it sound sweet. 'This rompers is so pre-loved.' Yeah, right. It also have dozens of times of vomits and grubs on it, not to mention the schwibbles of dribbles, PLUS, the washed-out look and all the pillings on it. Don't worry, Mott, mine no vomits. Also, in Australia where we have four seasons, baby clothes tend to be pretty new coz they can only wear them for one season and that's it.

Original - Authentic. How many times have you seen in Ebay most things are authentic. My hubby also learned to use this word, where possible. Eh, my MNG top authentic wat. I guess it does sound better with Authentic pre-loved chic MNG top rather than Second-hand original beautiful MNG top.



U.Lee said...

Hi Sweetpea, love read the new words. Here too we keep hearing words not in dictionary, what with computers, Ipods etc influence.
But very humourous.
How you doin'? Anyway, just popped by say hello. You keep well, Sweetpea. Best regards, UL.

Anonymous said...

i like the Mr Lombard! hahahahaa..

Sweetpea said...

u.lee - yes, indeed there are more words than ever which we don't know. and the more there are, the more trouble e.g. santa can't say ho ho ho now. u wonder wat's next. you have a good weekend u.lee. am looking forward to a good one as the weather will be nice :)

laundryamah - good yea?

Sue said...

Haha..agree with all that..farnee..

Sweetpea said...

sue - next time you can call mr. lombard without risking them knowing wat it means ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it! Break it down for us! I had some vintage sunglasses on one day and someone said those glasses look old. I should have responded with "they're not old they're vintage" lol.