Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Year's resolution?

I wouldn't exactly call them resolutions, but I wish to achieve them.

First thing, lose the Malaysia food and Christmas feasts' pounds that I've piled on. One moment I keep telling myself it's time to keep it down, but on the other hand I am still eating the remainders of fruitcakes and chocolates. Chinese New Year is on the way, then Valentine's Day, and the Easter break. When it comes to food, anyday anytime can be an excuse. Right now at 1.25am I am still bingeing. Hate the tummy bulge yet looking into the cupboard and fridge for something to snack on.

And when it comes to exercising, anyday can still be an excuse. For NOT starting or going, that is. So, COME ONE WOMAN! Self-discipline!! So this year I will try eliminating (note the word TRY) procrastination. I will:

Join an exercise group. It is probably more motivating to join a group then going to the gym myself. Made an appointment at Curves tomorrow evening and will start once Aidan starts school. It's basically a circuit exercise for 30minutes, three times a week, great for women on the go. So I thought, 30minutes, I can do that. No doubt Wilkin will be pleased I am at last doing something about it. No, he's not complaining about my weight, more like complaining about me not being healthy. If you have not already known, he is a gym freak. We used to attend gym for at least two hours, at least three times a week when we were in Hong Kong. Friends who know me then knows I was super-fit. Was.

Realistically, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day now is to sweat my butt off. Guys may not realize it, but it's actually total mental exhaustion in keeping the house and family straight and clean. Some tasks may seem simple to them, such as, planning for dinner. Ask any guy who's one of the hobbies isn't in the kitchen department to plan for one week's meals. Or very simple things like keeping track of dates, appointments, inventories for things around the house, housekeeping, gardening, kids, etc. Isn't it bliss to just say 'Lou por, no more toothpaste' or 'Honey, no more soap' or 'Wei! No more toilet paper!' Of course, most of the time they won't need to say that, because the things will never run out for them. Try asking my husband where Panadol is kept. When he's got a headache, he just needs to open his mouth. When I have one, I may do the same thing, only to get a reply 'Where do you keep the Panadol?'

Like I said, 30minutes, I think I can deal with that. I don't mind getting old, but I will definitely try not to let myself slip. Next wish, is to do up my garden. I've been letting it slip for the past year, thanks to paid postings, haha. Now that I don't do as much, it's time to buck up. Already bought some pots yesterday when I bought the sand for sandpit, just because they were 75% off. I consider this a calling. In fact, my plants are crying S.O.S.

Lastly, at the moment, is to gloss up my tallboy. Bought it raw five years back and have been eversince thinking about varnishing it, stain it, whatever. Five years. Long enough procrastination. Bought the things needed for a whole new look three weeks ago. Pray they won't stay unused or unopened for the next two years.

And after my tong yuen tomorrow, which I am attempting to make, just because I didn't get to eat them during Dong Zhi, it will be time for me to survive on my veggie soup diet again.

Wish me luck!


Sue said...

Aiyo..reminds most people..haha..of the weight we put on during the festivities..I can't go to gym..too much to do.. will have to start using that rowing machine in the house...hehe

Sasha said...

woman, i attended a course right andthey said vege fat is harder to digest so the fats will stay in the tummy and make us fat wor? in fact animals fats (protein) are easier to digest. Go for high protein dietla...i heard ocean fish is good got omega 3 also...can make u look polished!

L'abeille said...

Thanks for reminding me to stop eating! hehe

Sweetpea said...

sue - rowing machine won't do good for me. i've got a stepper i bought and never used. also got UZap sitting in the cupboard for over a year now, heh :P

sasha - yalar, where u got see vegetarians skinny one? everything on moderation lor. high protein like atkins diet makes u have bad breath too leh... kakaka, can't win both ways.

l'abeille - well u have to stop cooking those yummy food first!! :)