Friday, January 04, 2008

Received our loot at last

Thank you to all that have been extending their well-wishes. Aidan is acting like nothing has happened. Which is good, plus he has this new thing I got him yesterday, and that kept, and is keeping, him very busy indeed.

Wilkin's parcels from Hong Kong have arrived at last, after nearly two months of waiting nervously. He was afraid he may not see them ever, again. In those parcels are his things he bought from Guangzhou and Hong Kong, a sweatshirt for me, and loads of things for Aidan from his friends. I won't be posting everything up, but the main ones are his Thomas' stuff.

He kept staring at the play set. I told him it's mine, because I didn't want to open it up for him now. Too many new toys too soon. He was contented just staring at it, hah.

Daddy bought him this pair of shoes from All*Star. Fits perfectly, with a little extra room.

And my favourite? This! Isn't it cute?! I think he wil be able to wear it when we go back to Malaysia next year :)

Thank you, aunties and uncles. And Khai Yeh.


sianie said...

Glad aiden is getting better, hope you are ok too...

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow.. Thomas train set.. I love to see the thomas cartoon too when I was young!

Sweetpea said...

sianie - we are both fine, thank you. looking forward to a birthday party tomorrow but not the weather!

kev - u want some now? i can send u some, kaakkaka! better still, come to my place and play with aidan.