Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday Night At Home

With nothing really to do, and hubby is chasing up on tennis matches on Aust. Open on TV. So I watch together lor. There was this match of Roger Federer and Janko Tipsarevic when we went out for dinner at 6.00pm and it was still on after we finished makan, went for a stroll at Century Walk, got Aidan an ice-cream from the Gelato Bar and myself a mini slice of tiramisu from Bread Top. And that was 9.30pm.

I was fascinated and amazed by their energy to go on for so many hours, for 5 sets, and kept asking Wilkin questions on how the scores are kept. Never heard of Janko Tipsarevic before, but he is 49th on the world list. Although I was happy Federer won, I couldn't help feeling bad for this chap because it was FIVE SETS! Never followed tennis in my life, so this is my first time watching it for one full hour, just because this 23-year-old hunk looks like this:



Mommy to Chumsy said...

Man..what a hunk. I would sit in front of the tv for the whole day to see him...hehheehehe

mama bok said...

I can never watch any sports..! i'm glad PB is not into sports either.

whoelse said...

its a saturday night and just only watching tennis :D

Anonymous said...

ayooo so gorgeous looking got to go watch live la!! i remember i went to watch live once but couldn't afford to watch the mens singles so only watch one match for womens singles, i think it was Monica Seles v Gabriella Sabatini,,,

Annie Q said... wonder u can watch one full hour, if i were u i will do that too. hahahahaha

Sweetpea said...

WH, Amah and Annie - so far i've only watched that one leh, none others, kekeke. Lleyton Hewitt no handsome lar, no watch :P

mamabok - me neither. i used to watch swimming when i was schooling, just becoz i swim in competitions at school, but now, i watch watever that tickles my fancy.

whoeelse - so early do homework meh? :P