Monday, January 21, 2008

Trying very hard not to be naughty

Trying hard not to eat the bad and tasty stuff proves to be quite a difficult task.

I want to pick up my willpower, dig out my lazy bone, and bury the procrastination in me, all for the sake of becoming a slimmer me. The one good step I've taken so far is to take a look at Curves centre, and decided I will join end of this month, so I can go work out three times a week when Aidan starts kindy next month.

Then I want to detox. Did you know, that by drinking sea salt water actually acts as a natural laxative to get rid of the the bloated feeling and all the stuff from Christmas? Whoa! I tell you, man! I drank one litre on Friday morning, and I had to run to the toilet for the next half of the day. If you don't mind the 'grossness' of my explanation, read on. Am merely acting as a guinea pig for you guys lar! Unlike laxatives, this preparation does not cause tummy aches or cramps, well, may be depending on the person, but it was definitely fine with me. It does make a rumbly sound and within the first 2 glasses of it, I had my first bowel movement. It went from what the colour it's supposed to be to clear, from stools to water tap. I had the residual effect still the next day, but very mild.

To say I felt much better in weeks is an understatement. I do recommend anyone who is healthy and who wants to undergo a detox program to clear your guts first. I personally think it will work much better this way. Since then, I have been trying to be very good, to eat less junks. Today for dinner, I had steamed fish with boiled green beans and tomato tossed in balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Two hours later, I was hungry again man!! How lar, a food junkie like me, how to survive on bland food? Sighh....

Worse still, Wilkin kicked me out of the car on Saturday :( Well, we just finished lunch and was driving home, and he asked if I wanted to walk the rest of the way. Duuhh... okay. I know he meant well, and he was happy when I said yes, only because to please him. Not that I didn't want to walk, but it was right after lunch, and I knew I wasn't sensible to brisk walk on my pair of canvas slip-ons. Lucky thing it took only about fifteen minutes, from one end of the junction to my house.

So, wei, lou kong, want me to keep fit, but me a proper pair of runners! Just to encourage me lar, hehe.


PEARLY said...

wow keep fit huh ..... never mind la if there keep you health and slim you are not fat I think you just wat to keep in slim and sexy right .
I will give a try for that Detox sound well good .
take care my dear xxxxxxx

eastcoastlife said...

You don't look fat from your photos lah. The detox sounds good , I want to try.... after CNY. hehehe.... eat first then do later.

Lovely Mummy said...

wow, u must be very fit pls accept my tag now
i think it will make u happy...

Sweetpea said...

pearly and ECL - it's a good try, but make sure you are otherwise healthy and have no medical conditions, yea? me no want to get in trouble! :P

lovelymummy - thanks for lovely tag :)