Monday, February 04, 2008

Eltham Miniature Railway

Took an early drive to Eltham through the city, which cost us about one hour. In fact, I mentioned there was a shorter route through Boxhill and Doncaster, but MM said he knew the former route. *__*

The Miniature Railway is actually located in a park which is great for picnics, large area for the kids to run around and a playground. The railway and pony rides only operates on Sunday from 11.00am to 5.00pm. Aidan was very excited to see the engines at work, particularly when they are larger in size than his toys, yet not like the real ones. The tracks are operated by volunteers, and cost for each ride is $3.00 per person, which runs for about 2km, that is around 15 minutes! Really worth it! You should see the queue! Lucky I was third in line.

Believe me, we were the only Asians there. No, not Chinese, or Viets, or Indians, but the ONLY ASIAN family among the hundreds of angmohs. I didn't feel out of place, but still, it was a little funny.

Coming home, we took the shorter route and lunched at Boxhill.

Rest of the afternoon? Washing, cleaning, scrubbing.


miche said...

Happy Chinese Year to you too.

wei..u living in Melbourne for so many years already, still feel out of place among angmohs??? :)

Peng said...

nice pics and looks like everyone enjoyed.

Sweetpea said...

miche - don't feel it as much, but still can't help being conscious about it :)

peng - wei, u din CSI my bag meh? :P