Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fancy a Beer Pong Game?

Beer pong. You may have never heard of it, but it is a popular drinking game among college students predominantly in North America, and all fun loving youngsters. A great game for parties and gatherings. Imagine a ping pong table, only that this is a beer pong table, and the difference is there are a number of cups set on each side of it, filled with beer.

One player or team on one side has to defeat the other by landing a ball in the cup of the opposing team and the defending team has to drink it, and tries to eliminate the opposing teams' cups before their own. The 'loser' will have to drink all the beer, including the winning teams'. Wow! Sounds like something I would have done in my partying days. To have a look at what a beer pong table is, go to and they have a great range or merchandise there.

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beer pong table said...

I had no clue what the beer pong game was all about , until i played it myself. It was really fun and no wonder extra beer helps you a lot :) . This is not so much popular game as compare to other conventional games like chess etc. But people are rapidly becoming addict of it . Nice blog my friend and i really want few more interesting blogs on beer pong .