Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tom Yam Vermicelli

Miche wanted to know the recipe for this and frankly, easy peasy lemon squeezy :P

All you need is:

Vermicelli - soak in cold water, not hot as it will become soggy
Spanish onions - thinly sliced or diced
Straw mushrooms - half them if you like
Dried shrimp - chopped to pieces
Preserved turnip (Choy Bou) - buy the shredded ones
Coriander to garnish

I didn't put how much you need as you can use everything in moderation, or as much as you like. Add other things you wish like taugeh or prawns, whatever.

First, stir fry the spanish onions and dried shrimp to get the aroma, then just throw everything else in one by one, last being the vermicelli. Now here comes the secret, and the most important ingredient of it all:

Put a few spoonfuls into the wok to taste. I don't know if you can get the same brand in Malaysia, but I am sure there are other similar brands to it. Just try until you find one you like. By the way, add red chilli to garnish for brighter colour. I didn't. Hubby loves chilli padi.



Peng said...

haha my friend 'par pei lor' blogger asking for your 'chiew pai choy' receipe :P not bad not bad. must try it myself one 'fine' day

mama bok said...

I wanna try it too.. but then hor..i gotta eat them myself.. coz' no one can eat spicy here.. :(

miche said...

thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the recipe. i will surely try it. btw, must have dried shrimp ah? i dont like udang kering lar..hehe

sting said...

we use the "Tae-Pee" brand of tom yum paste.. pretty good too.. spicy :-)

happy valentine's day

eastcoastlife said...

Wah! My saliva turns sour liao.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
*throws chocolates and red roses*

Lian said...

Looks good. Yum-yum.

jazzmint said...

happy val's where's the eason song on ur site why no more

Sweetpea said...

peng - that one fine day, i think i have to go back to ipoh to cook lor :P

mamabok - goodie then, more to yourself! coz it's the taste u want to have more, plus it's not really that spicy, just a tad :)

miche - u can omit that, but it won't be as aromatic. just play around with your ingredients, but the main thing is the paste!

sting - i should try that when i get back to ipoh :) thanks.

ECL - come come, i cook for you :) you so generous, throwing flowers and chocolates everywhere! *catch catch catch*

lian - thanks, haha. but i guess it's much easier to just go out and buy in malaysia. can be found everywhere!

jazzmint - ada pun! you got on your speaker or not? :P