Monday, March 24, 2008

Simple and beautiful beach wedding

Aidan was very excited when I told him we were going to the beach. I had to get him into something decent which he refused, so when I mentioned the B word, he was very compliant.

Hence, the pics pretty much summed up our day. We spotted a jelly fish, very much alive, and the little rascal was very fascinated by it. I thought I should send it back to sea, otherwise it would die being washed ashore. So I got a guy who was wearing shoes to boot it back into the water. Aidan didn't know that and when he asked for the jellyfish again, I pointed to the water where it was. He didn't like it one bit.

Come back, jellyfish. Come back!

Well, as if. He was very upset, and started crying. I didn't know he was THAT into the jellyfish, heh. So I had to bribe him with a bottle of lemonade. Kau tim!


mott said...

yea wor...too simple this beach wedding!

well, as long as the guests enjoyed's ok. And as long as the wedding couple had a great time, that's most impt!

Sweetpea said...

jika i am pengantin pompuan, i akan sekurang-kurangnya organize kerusi untuk orang-orang tua ler. i tulis bahasa sebab i taktau jika pengantin pompuan ada baca blog i tak.

dan kerusi tu, i akan ikat cantik-molek. tak payah barang mahal, at least nampak segar dan suka-duka. ini, terlalu cincai leh.

MamaJo said...

He,he...that's western wedding style mah....simple and long as Aidan get his lemonade, I think he don't mind going to see jelly fish again.....:)

Sasha said...

Wow its very nice and simple wedding!

wuah dia punya lokong kepala manyak bersinar sinar!

JO-N said...

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Sweetpea said...

mamajo - you are SO right :)

sasha - nah, not yet, nothing like bruce willis yet :P

jo-n - thanks for the gifts, and congrats on your SO MANY blogs. bravo!