Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daddy has been busy

I was surprised to find this in Aidan's folder, and I find it cute. Some are missing though.

We got Aidan Jack about two weeks ago, then last week Wilkin got him Percy. Very soon after that, the little menace has been pestering us, AGAIN, for Arthur.

Me : But you just got Percy!

Aidan : Go shopping, Mama. Get Arthur.

Me : No, Aidan, you just got a new one.

Pestered for two days.

Aidan : I want Arthur, Mama.

Me : Aidan, Mummy said no.

Ten minutes later, (no joke!) ...

Aidan : (Showing Percy to me) Mama! Percy pway. Arthur.

Me : (holding back laughter) Oh, so Percy wants to play with Arthur. Hmmm... Percy can play with Jack, ya?

Aidan : Percy pway. Arthur!

For a little man who doesn't talk much, his brain sure is finding ways! Mind you, Arthur is not easy to find, because he isn't one of the better known engines.


sting said...

that's quite a lot of trains ya... haha! the way he's "pestering" he sure is a creative kiddo, not to mention persistent too :-)

JO-N said...

He is very persistent!

miche said...

not able to speak like a train does not mean his mind did not think like a train. hehe.

jazzmint said...

wah..that's a whole big collection!!

Sweetpea said...

sting and jo-n - you can say that again, and again! you feel like you have a broken record at home sometimes!!

miche - well i am glad at least he can be cunning! :P (psst! just like his mum)

jazzmint - no way! it's not even a fraction of the team! more to come leh, or maybe you should ask elly to show you mika's collection. you will pengsan!

mama bok said...

Heheh!! he sure knows what he wants eh. :)