Friday, March 14, 2008

It's a Hot and Slurpee Day

It's autumn and it's 38 degree Celcius today. And tomorrow is going to be 39. Go on, surprise me with Melbourne weather. Not that I am complaining, for I am not too looking forward to the impending winter. Then again, I get worried if it has got anything to do with the effects of global warming. Of course it has, dungu!! So peepel, use less plastic bags, cut less trees, switch off those power points whenever not in use. Our kids deserve an equally good life we are having.

Okay, okay. See my actsy look? I am actsy because I didn't cook today. I am actsy because instead of cooking on a hot day and jam up the whole unit with smell with the air-cond. on, I chose to ta-pau a Special Fried Rice and Malaysian Curry Chicken from AZIA across the road.

And before we head out to get our dinner, let's have a kiss. Sunnies? Check. Hats? Check. Okay, let's walk!

Oooerrrr.... okay Mama. Now can I have a Slurpee?

Not so actsy when it comes to paying time, it's $23.60 for the two dishes. $14.80 for the curry chicken, to be precise, and frankly, with the pre-mix I buy, I can cook better than that. Both that and the fried rice were OVERLY oily. The place looks super cool, great for entertaining guests, but now that we've tried the food, no second time.

And Aidan, well, of course, he was much contented with his pink, blue and green slurpee. Remind me not to give anymore of the blue ones, because I hate the colour on his tongue!


PEARLY said...

wooo cool kid and very cool mummy too .
I am so admire you with such a lovely hot day , here uk is so cold I need to get in bed .

wow not cheap huh the malaysian diner
you are right next time cook yourself is better and cheap.
have a lovely weekend dear xxxx

mama bok said...

I hear you ..!! and i really can't eat the take outs no more.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

pretty actsy i would say ;)

Sweetpea said...

pearly - hot days coming to an end. it is actually autumn but somehow the weather is a little stuffed up, not that we are complaining! and yup, i'll be cooking my own curry chicken the next time.

mamabok - we only have to find a good one and they have our business. hubby loves one in another suburb and i find the taste very close to home too :)

WH - saja lar.. not on purpose one, haha.

MamaJo said...

He,he...should visit Yarra Valley mah.....and drink some red wine while enjoying the view?? No? That's what my colleague told me even tho I been to Melbourne, but, no time, side seeing yet :)