Thursday, March 13, 2008

No more Aussie for us!

We returned Aussie the budgie to the kinder on Tuesday. What a relief!

When Wilkin returned from work, Aidan, instead of telling his father, he was asking Daddy, where's Aussie? And Wilkin took a look, replied in a very HAPPY tone, Oh, good! Aussie's gone!

Aussie went to school!

And Wilkin had this sort of evil and relieved laugh as another reply. In fact, I was glad Aussie is back where it belongs. Yes, it was easier to look after compared to Noodles the hamster, but he was SO SO SO chatty, if you know what I mean.

Tweet, tweet, tweet, ciiupp, ciiupp...... ALL DAY LONG! And a small unit like ours, you can definitely hear it loud and clear. Hated him most on Sunday morning, where everyone was still asleep! And Aidan wasn't too comfy with it, as he covered his ears everytime he is near the bird, but kept playing with the cage door and the toys in it whenever Aussie was quiet. Lucky thing it didn't fly away.

Conclusion? Noodles, yeah, maybe. I can still handle that, but NO WAY for Aussie!


janicepa said...

yeah .. i think.. if i were you, i would rather have noodle then aussie lor..

so wat is next ??

MamaJo said...

Geee...why don't you have Iguana?? he, sound, except change better watch out, not letting them escape....
Mind I dropping by?

Sasha said...

hamster is better than a bird la. very farn wan.

Sweetpea said...

janice - i won't have EITHER anymore! hahaha

mamajo - no way! no more pets. and if we were to have one, i'd rather have my favourite, a dog!

sasha - both also very farn leh!!