Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tag for Aidan

Zachary, Janice's handsome little son, oh well, not so little anymore :P tagged Aidan for the first time. 8 random facts of my dear little boy...

1. He loves kinder time.

2. Water, no matter what kind. Sea, pool, puddle. The moment he sees them, he has got to have contact with them.

3. One of his favourite time is when Daddy comes home. He will hide at the same place, that is, under our blanket and shout out to his dad 'Daddy! Where's Aidan?!'

4. He adores his Puppy. Won't go anywhere without it.

5. Loves ANYTHING Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.

6. Likes his two nieces in KL very much. Yes, his NIECES. My niece' daughters.

7. Aidan loves the park. That is his energy outlet for us.

8. Never combs his hair. I rarely do it for him, and oh, he HATES haircuts.

Am thinking of the next bribe for his next haircut...


shern's mom said...

so handsome la this Aidan. And his skin complexion and rosy cheek, I want!

he really loves thomas and friends so so much i can see now. :)

J@n!ce said...

Aidan is getting so charming now. Love all his pics. Esp the one with his rosy cheeks :)

Anonymous said...

hey maybe he feels threatened by looking at the scissors?? i hear too many stories of kids not liking haircut..there must be a valid explanation for that,,,but my kids are ok with it cos i used the scissors too many times to threaten them leow...so immune lor!

etceteramommy said...

Aidan is like a pak ma wong ji. So fair and handsome. Sure 'lum sei' a lot of girls later... hehe

Annie Q said...

So handsome...!
Love the picture the one that he is hidding underneath the blanket.

janicepa said...

i tell you.. i still wan to kidnap your son lah ..

how can so .. soo .. soo .. handsome wan .. yerrr...

mama bok said...

What a handsome lil' boy.. :)

Sweetpea said...

shern's mom - he has even rosier cheeks when it's hot and back in malaysia. i was afraid he was going to faint frm the heat!

janice - thanks for the tag, sorry it took a bit long to finish it.

amah - no lar. if i bribe him with some new engines for his collection, huh, quicker than lightning i tell you!

etcetera mommy - thanks for compliment. i hope he won't give me headache :P

annie - he still does that every evening when his dad comes home from work!

janice - come, we swap sons, wat say you? your boy also very handsome you know!?

mamabok - thanks, you've got a great booty-shaking pretty little princess yourself :)