Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lotsa pics, cannot post

Hubby did a major reformatting project to the computer and has to install everything again. My Yahoo Messenger is a goner, I will have to download the program again. I hope my contacts are still there!

So what did we do today? Ching Ming lor, had to go to the cemetery and pay respect lor. All at the same place. Wilkin's grandparents and his mother. And after that, since we had nowhere particular to go, we went to Spotlight. Or rather, I went to Spotlight, hubby and son went to Hungry Jacks. Lots of things I was VERY tempted to buy, in fact, I was already holding onto a single bed quilt cover of Thomas Tank, on sale for $39.99, but did I buy it? Nnoooo.... the longer I held on to it, the more I think, we have enough bed linens, I just bought a new one from Ikea, washed and haven't even used it yet. Thomas wor.....!! Yeah, but what Aidan doesn't see he won't know how to ask right? More like mummy indulging him, so ..... yeay! My common sense prevailed!

Since it was nearly 4pm, I suggested we go to DFO. I had to get a pair of runners for my workouts. The cheapo is really killing my right ball of foot. Hence, I bought a new pair of Adidas for $55, normal price $100. Hubby wanted to pay for it, but I pantang leh, so I paid lor. Then to Esprit, got a belt, need it for workpants. I am afraid one fine day the pants might just fall to my knees. I am not saying that I got slimmer, it's just that it is VERY difficult to get a perfect size here! Size 8 can fit but very tight so no point. Chances of having accident with this one bending down is more than Size 10, which is what I have.

Anyway, sidetracked. Belt $29.95 for $19.95, and a cardigan $49.95, on sale for $19.95 but somehow I was charged $7.95. No complains there right?

I really am sidetracked. See my title? Adalar pics of my first attempted batch of nuts bars. Not bad for a first attempt, show you some other day lor. Cannot even upload the pics coz hubby hasn't installed the program for the digicam yet.

Oh yeah.... Everyone! Melbourne is now two hours ahead of Malaysians instead of three!


mama bok said...

I hate it .. when i have to reformat the computer. I avoid it at all cost.. ;) retail therapy is good.. ;) wished i had things to buy here.. here very ulu one.. :(

Sue said...

Shopping...weekends are retail theraphy for me...

MamaJo said... Melbourne, you also go 'Ching Ming' huh? Maybe, me so ulu lor...he,he