Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Seek addiction treatment!

Nurofen Plus is and effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief, which contains the highest amount of codeine over-the-counter, until Panadeine 15 came along. As pharmacy assistants we have long suspected many customers are addicted to the codeine in it. There is one guy who comes in every other night for a box of twenty-fours, a larger box of forty-eights if he could. Well, initially we didn't notice, but I soon noticed he was always in the nights I worked, and so I informed the pharmacist. Now he can no longer get the medication in less than a week.

It is in the news tonight that Nurofen Plus may become an S4 item, which can be only dispensed with a legal script from the doctor. Good news for us, perhaps not so for the company. Then there are customers who come in for nicotine patches or gums. Yes, it is good they are trying to quit smoking, but no, it is bad to jump from one addiction to another. There are a couple of them who comes in long term for the same thing.

I wish all these people realize that no doubt these are not hard core addictive drugs like heroin or cocaine, but it is still and addiction all the same, and that they seek addiction treatment once and for all. These addiction may still cause permanent damages to their bodies, and hope they realize how precious life is.

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