Thursday, April 17, 2008

Of wrinkles and stressed out

Of all the times, my 'boss' have to give me so many assignments ending 18th. And like I said in my post a few days back, I will be offline for twenty-four hours some time this week. By that I mean starting today, when the sun rises. I know, still within the dateline, but I cannot possibly do so many posts in a day, excluding interims!

Already I am quite stressed out with juggling home and work, I can already see wrinkles on my face! Oh no! Now I need to invest in wrinkle cream. Double oh no! More money to spend. Sigh. So, which one is actually good? Which one actually works what it claims to be? I don't want to be paying a fortune to find out it doesn't reall work? Then again, there are some cheaper ones which work just as good. Another sigh. This is another add-on stress, isn't it? Lucky thing there is for me to compare wrinkle cream reviews.

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