Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tissue in the laundry


It happens so often, well, not that often recently as hubby wasn't blowing his nose, but this is all it takes to muck up your whole morning! Geee.... I think I can even make up a song for it.

Tissue in the laundry
Makes mummy all upset and angry
Got her all worked up and plans went awry
Now I am crying in my kindy
Coz she scolded me for being naughty

Yep, took me double time to hang out the washings, and told and reminded Aidan to wear his socks and shoes, get ready for kindy. Did he listen? Nope. Here I am running late, and he, as usual, dilly dally. I had to raise my voice, telling him I gave him more than enough time to wear just his shoes and he didn't even do it. I put on his socks for him, and told him to wear his shoes. The little man wanted a cuddle. See lar. I raised him to be so manja now. Cannot scold. Tears and 'bay thai' all streaming down his face. No time for that man.

I did what my mum did to me. I packed up everything, and went to the car. And in double time, his shoes was on. See how effective? I am not that bad, my mum was worse. She left me a home a couple of times when I didn't get ready in time, and zoomed off in her car. Good lesson eh?


MamaJo said...

Huh, are you serious of leaving him at all so, he got your message?? Me dare not ler....ha,ha...

Sue said...

Ya tissue in the laundry is really a pain in the a***. Luckily hubby don't use tissue but hanky..hehe...

NomadicMom said...

Still young and innocent. If it was my sons, they'll probably go "Yippeeeeee...no need to go to school!!!!"

Sweetpea said...

mamajo - of course i won't leave him at home alone! hahaa...but i think he got my message. my mum left me becoz my dad was at home and i was a little older too. same trick anyhow :P

sue - seldom can find a man who uses hanky now. supposedly more gentlemanly? lucky you :P

nomadicmom - i will keep that in mind. haha, didn't think of that! but at the moment he loves kindy. more play than study, i guess.