Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First pumpkin soup attempt disaster

Not that I haven't made pumpkin soup before. Just boil up the pumpkin and smash it to pieces, milk, water, cream, salt. Done.

This pumpkin soup today was much more complicated. Well, not really. Just onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, bit of stock. I still manage to stuff it up. Firstly too much onion to my taste. Then I was too kan-cheong, so I guess it wasn't cooked enough, and I started mixing the other ingredients in. After hours of standing in the kitchen, plus cooking time for dinner, I've had enough lar. I've decided to toss it out.

Surprisingly hubby had a bowl wor. Not that he 'give face' but he likes pumpkin soup. See, he is one funny man. He doesn't like potatoes in any form, except when I make potato salad, he wallop. Today I also made pumpkin roast, together with whole garlics and capsicum, a pinch of cumin powder. He didn't touch the salad much, but had the soup instead.

I spent so much time in the kitchen, that after cooking half the evening, I didn't want to touch my salmon steak anymore. I had to have it though, coz we don't always have fish. Fish is good, right?

I always used to think, when I looked at those pictures, western food, easy to make. Now I think I'd better stick to my chinese.

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Sue said...

Yeah it always look easy but when you do it, it is very difficult.