Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Should Be Sleeping

I have been dragged out of bed in an unearthly hour of 7.00am.

There is no exemption for his hardworking employee who just worked till midnight last night. He wanted me to be at the meeting at 8.00am just then, because I work four nights a week. And what do I get? An hour's pay for that and a chocolate covered doughnut, not covering the fuel expense and a total of 35 minutes travelling time.

It was difficult getting ready in the morning, because my two men were still sleeping and I had to tiptoe around the house. And the fact that the floorboard is squeaky didn't make it any easier for me. Forget Lucy Liu, I had to master the skill of ancient Chinese Kung-fu where I need to float ('heng goong') around those sore spots and have bionic eyes to grope in the dark.

And it was cold. And rainy. And still cold and rainy right now. Bbrrrrr......

Then again, when I was driving to the pharmacy, it was a good feeling being able to see this part of the morning, thinking, it would be great to be up so early every morning. I will definitely get a headstart and have most chores done by 10.00am, IF, that is, I do wake up that early. Don't envy me Mums, please, let me have this luxury for the rest of this year, for next year when Aidan starts Prep I will have to do exactly this EVERY SINGLE morning! Do remember the pitiful fact that I work till midnight. Boohoohooo.......

But that's life. That's the way I like it. Can't complain when I have the best of both worlds of taking care of Aidan full time and have a job too.

Now, let's see if I can get another forty winks.


Sasha said...

mana pigi my earlier comment?

anyway i was saying....Heng Goong?! Geng ah!

Mama BoK said...

I hear yer..!! i want the best of both worlds too..! but time is just not enough eh..?? and i really donch wanna missed out on the brat's growing up.