Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Gift from Daddy

And it was REALLY a surprise to me.

I saw this kitchen trolley in the KMart catalogue a few days ago, and decided I will buy it, since it was 40% off. Original price is $300. I decided I will not tell Wilkin about it, because I was sure he will nag and say I am wasting money.

I took the whole afternoon assembling this thing, even missed my lunch. You may be wondering, why don't I let Wilkin do it? No. Because I love projects like this. I want to assemble my own kitchen trolley, and get that satisfaction. When he got home, he must have already seen the empty box in the backyard. I gave him the sweetest smile, ahem, when he came into the kitchen, and he smiled back in a funny way, acknowledging my purchase.

Then he did the most wondrous thing. He gave me money! Said the trolley is for mother's day! Haah! What the...?! Of course I was surprised. Not only didn't disapprove wor, give me money some more!

Must be my lucky day :)


whoelse said...

hey 'charp tou lor" :P

Kok said...

What a wonderful present you got.

Happy Mother's Day to you! Have a great one!:)

miche said...

i think he is sooooo happy that you dont bug him to buy you a mother's day gift. =P

mama bok said...

Hehehe!! i think you are too nice to him lah.. :)

MamaJo said...

Surprise gift is always the best...he, than expected really lucky lor

J@n!ce said...

You are so good at doing those hands on assembly. I would just dump those to my hubs to do. haha :)