Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So far so good

I blogged about pesky phone calls asking me to sell raffles for this and that organisations. I have given in to many of them. What I had to do is to sell each ticket at $2 to anyone for the organisation, and this ticket holder will be in the running for a draw for some good prizes.

Now what usually happened was that I ended up purchasing most of the tickets myself, but writng down my in-laws names as well. No prizes for me so far. So, can you blame me for being tu-lan or not?

Lately, these pesky callers are out to play again. They make it sound so cause worthy, but I had to say no. They will say, the raffles won't be due in two months' time, blablabla, so I can actually have time to sell them. NO! I told them I have two other raffles going on at the moment and also I end up buying them myself. It's good that they don't really pester.

But some things have changed. Previously they kind of said to sell the tickets. Now they will say purchase the tickets. Indirectly, they are hoping to psych the person in thinking once I agree to selling the tickets, I will have to sell them all, otherwise the remainders are for keeps. But of course, I have the rights to return the non saleable ones, but this is where the mind game comes in. It's for a good cause right? Usually the ticket holder, ME, will purchase at least half a book, i.e. 10 tickets.

$20 each time, and if I were to agree to selling raffles for all phone calls I receive in a year, I can easily be donating $400 a year. As much as I would like to help, $400..... Nah! How about this, you let me win the Tattslotto, I donate $1000 to each organisation.



mott said...

I was conned into it when I first came here. Then I told them I never received them. I know..big liar..;-)

Subsequently, when someone calls me to sell raffle tix..I just tell them I'm a visitor..and the owner of the home is away.

I know...big liar... Ahem....


Sweetpea said...

mott - cannot never received them, they have so many reminders sent to you, hahaha!