Monday, June 30, 2008

Extra Large Condoms

That is what I have been asked in a phone conversation with a lady earlier at work.

I told her I would check on the shelf. I went back to the phone call telling her that we only have Large Condoms by a certain brand, but it did not state the size of it, or how large it will stretch to. I wondered, before checking on the info in the box, if this was a prank call. But she didn't ask any other silly questions, thanked me, and that was it. I gathered if it was a prank, there would have been more awkward questions.

I wish her luck, if she really needed to find extra large condoms. Because she gave me the measurement to exact detail. And I am pretty sure, if anything comes smaller than millimeter, she would have given me the same exact detail, probably in micro-millimeter. Can she be more precise? :P

She needed condoms that fits 59 millimeters in diameter.

Ever measured your cuckoo bird??


mama bok said...

Muahahahah!!! wow..!! i really admire you .. as for me.. i won't know how to answer.. ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said... large is that eh? *quickly take out the ruler*


NomadicMom said...

This is definitely a PRANK call lor. WHere got 59 mm in diameter one? Torpedo meh???

miche said...

that is extra large arh??? i tot got thicker ones. =P