Saturday, June 28, 2008

Like we pakto only

Aidan and myself was wandering at The Glen yesterday. He had a huge KFC lunch, and was loving his fizzy Pepsi.

After finishing our meals, we walked along the shops, me with my left hand on his left shoulder. He held his drink with his left hand, and get this, he had his right hand on my waist! Phwoa..... like two people going on a pakto trip only. I remember having a funny feeling blanketing me. A good feeling. This is one of those THE moment. It was like him acting like a big man, and enjoying this moment with his mum.

If only he would want to be seen with his mum like this in 10 years' time.

I am at lost at the moment, if I should work a night less at least, when he starts Prep next year. I wouldn't see much of him during the day, and I may need to start helping him out with homework, if any. But that's not my main point. The important thing is that I want to spend more time with him, and I know I will be most guilty for doing otherwise.

Perhaps I should start looking for a part-time day job as well. Aah well, I will worry about that next year.


Rose said...

Hi! My first time here! :) Like what I read....

I am a mother too, to a 2+ years old gal. She has yet to start schooling, will enrol her next year. For time being, I am spending as much time with her in evenings and weekends, teaching and playing with her. I m a working mum, so times spending with her is not much, so i do appreciate those "little" moments

Annie Q said...

i'm sure everyone admiring u got a handsome and young "boyfriend" hahahhaah