Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend update - SATC

Hubby brought me to the movies on Saturday.

He had secretly arranged for Aidan to be sent to Ching's place to play with his kids. Well, not secretly, but a pleasant surprise when he told me that. He said we can then go watch my favourite movie. I teased him and asked if he knew which one, because I had two in mind. For him to sit through a chick flick with me, I have to give that to him, although I have to complain that he complained about the movie when his brother asked him how Sex And The City was.

I know he has his own opinion, but it's not nice for me to hear, especially when he was willing to sit through it with me. I enjoyed it, and was rather emotional as it touches the subject of love, friendship, loyalty and trust. My eyes were red and puffy by the time the movie ended.

This is my birthday present as we will be celebrating my actual date at his friend's son's fullmoon dinner. Very thoughtful, thanks hubbs.

I was telling Ching we are celebrating my birthday at a lavish restaurant dinner, and he wondered what will this friend do if we were to bring in a birthday cake for me and sing the birthday song at our table. Hahahahaha!! The beginning of the end of their long time friendship kut.


mama bok said...

Yes.. very thoughtful indeed..!! i wanna watch sex and the city too.. but it has been crazy here.. :(

mott said...


ALAMAK!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WHEN WHEN?????

Haiz..u watched SATC di? No wonder nvr answer my email...