Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bump and fever. Related?

Aidan was rather quiet when I picked up him from kinder. All the way home he didn't mutter a word, but I thought it was because I had a friend with me.

Back home, I usually tell him to sit outside and take off his shoes, as he plays in the sandpit, no fail. Lesson one to kindy mums, let your kids take off the shoes before coming into the house, otherwise, more work for you. He sat outside for a minute, and I wondered what took him so long. He was just sitting there, looking tired, but laughed when I tickled his feet.

Inside the house, he took off his pants and dived straight into his bed. From there his voice got softer and was breathing a little harder. I began to suspect something wasn't right. Upon probing, he told me his head hurt, pointing to the back of his right ear. He said he ran and knocked himself on a door. I couldn't see any bumps or bruises, which was worse. I hope it wasn't internal. The doctor I went to last minute, (because I couldn't get hold of our family doc, fully booked) should have retired years ago. Seriously. Much as I respect the older ones, this one is way too old, with hearing aide, and I quite doubted his updates in modern medicine. He told me there was nothing to worry about, when I asked him if there is any sign I should be looking out for in case Aidan gets really unwell. Well, I could have told that to my hubby, right? Don't think I need a doctor for that.

Back home again, Aidan soon fell asleep on my bed, holding my hand. I called earlier to say I would be late for work, but it seemed he got worse when he woke up. He was all flustered, bright pink on cheeks and ears, temperature rose. Nothing much in his little tummy, only a few spoonfuls of noodles and milk, and a dose of paracetamol. Cried when he saw me getting ready. Hubby hinted not to go, so I told Aidan I'd change into my pajamas, and he nodded fervently.

One hour later, both of us, snuggled up with doona on the couch, with him watching Pingu and myself reading the paper. He was all better. If I didn't have to work, this is how I envision spending my evenings at home.


whoelse said...

wei wei, how's aidan? hope's he better now :)

Big Bright Head said...

hope he gets well real soon..


hiongkongkiok said...

oh dear.. hows he? Yes, I have heard, fever and bumps on the head got kaitan..Better check hor..
Aiyaya.. this auntie gooly worried jor..

-Lazy change Id-