Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mamma Mia! It is another expensive day!

Aidan's second 'extended' hours of kinder today. Last week I slaved in the house, cleaning up the mess after two weeks of school holidays.

Today I decided to pamper myself a little. Hear me, just a little, or so I thought. Since hubby will be in Sydney for the day and I planned on not cooking, I went to watch Mamma Mia by myself. Twenty years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead going to the cinema alone. Today, I cherish the time I get for myself.

Sitting alone in the cinema. The silence in between ads was deafening. I open a pack of peanuts during ads, only to stop munching until the next one came up. Sotong was my favourite theatre snack, but wouldn't be caught dead twice over eating it here, haha. The show was brilliant! I loved it. For non-singers to make such a great success in this heartwarming musical/movie, you have to give them the credits. Pierce Brosnan wasn't exactly good, but it is his first ever musical. You have to give him that!

Leaving the show with eyes a little red, yea yea yea... I know. I am a sucker for these movies. I cried. And laughed, and love the Abba songs. ABBA forever!! Anyway, left the show and walked straight into boy-O-boy and no need guessing lar, bought a parka for Aidan. DON'T! start asking me about the price.

As if not itchy enough, I went to Target and there was a huge 'Save up to 60% on winter clothings'. I need winter wardrobe right? Another night's worth of work money gone. But hey! I got three new piece of clothings for myself.... that's gotta be good eh?

Extended hours proves expensive. Next week just strap me to my couch.

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Big Bright Head said...

got cry, got laugh, got peanuts, got time for yourself , got shopping... all in all great day for you.

i also like ABBA...