Thursday, July 10, 2008

The price of not using gloves

I am not one who wear gloves when doing house work, and not about to start. I do not like it when I cannot feel if the dishes are clean or not, blablabla.

Plus cold and dry weather. So this is the result:

Left thumb

Right thumb

Son kena stapler bullet, I share his pain lor. No joke, the pain can get bad when I wet my hands because the cuticles are so dry at the cracked area, it's like splitting open. As for him, all's good. I can't see any marks on his finger and whenever I asked him, he will go Doop, making an action of stapling it with his two other fingers.

Back to my thumbs. Solution? Avene's Trixera cream. Believe me, works wonders.


Big Bright Head said...

better solution got... maid kasi cari satu... he he..

Sweetpea said...

to get that solution, i have to find another solution first. manyak duit kasi cari!! then again, aust. tadak live in maids, mind you, only relatives :P

Big Bright Head said...

mader in-law kasi hantar dah.. aunty, ahchi ahchi pun boleh dah..

Sweetpea said...

mader in law juai telok itik. ahchu ahchi all in malaysia. me 'san foo' mang..