Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Self-labelled inventory manager

Work gets me so worked up sometimes. You'd think having a job like mine is to go work, leave, and that's it. But it's more to that. Somehow I have managed to get myself into a self-appointed position as the inventory manager. We always run out of stationery, bin liners, coffee, sugar, even dishwashing liquid.

Thermal labels is one of the most important item to keep the store running. Dispensary strictly requires it, as with our pricing labels, and also at our check out tills. No one seem to notice when the supply is running low, and will only let out a yell when he or she discovers that it was last on the shelf. By then, we will have to wait for days for a new box to come. Now I will always check the store room to keep the place running.

What will they do without me?

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