Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No mood to blog jor

Coz holiday mood liao.

Already visualizing what comfy clothes to wear in da plane. Wanna pack ala minimal but already nearly full, and that is not including the other half of things meant to go all into one biggy luggage. Nnnehh, got this gift and that gift, Evening Primrose Oil capsules, nuts and chockies. Nearly 70% of the contents not my stuff lar!

Jika boleh, I also want to buy Smith's chips back for my mum. Only AUD$2 per big pack now, but sure become mini flakes by the time it gets to her.

Waahh.... the conversion rate damn syiok. AUD$1 = RM3.11



janicepa said...

whn whn ???

Sasha said...

eh u baliking to msia ah?

whoelse said...

nuts? you have 4 at home :P

allthingspurple said...

haha. can't blame you for being excited. Where are you coming back to in Malaysia?

yea, whenever we travel, 90% of the stuff belongs to the kid. We sure can travel light just so as to stuff one more just in case p.j. into that bulging suitcase.