Thursday, August 07, 2008

What to do? Where to start? What to buy?

Counting the days into my long awaited yearly holiday, you'd think I have 90% of things done. But no.

Kinder duty tomorrow and then a program for Aidan, which leaves me practically no time to do more shopping. Not 'shopping' shopping, but more like for orders taken and essential stuff to keep my kitchen well stocked for aduhai sayang I. Frozen meals and veggies, canned soups, steaks and chops.

Pay bills, clean house, do washing, return library books. Yikes, and video tape too. Aidan is also excited, crossing off the days in the calendar. Everthing he wants to 'Bring on aeroplane, show Kay Kay Yan Yan' those are my two grand-nieces, his nieces. I cannot possibly bring all his books, dvds, engines, soft toys, binoculars and crayons back!! He wants to wear his Thomas cap, Thomas socks, bring some of his favourite engines in his little Thomas suitcase.

His birthday is next month and he is always asking for Culdee and Spencer, if you catch my drift. Hahahahaaa!!

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LiL'deviL said...

What do you do for kinder duty?