Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today we went...

I was wrecking my brain earlier this morning. 'Where to go, where to go?' when Lena called me and asked if Aidan and I wanted to join her and her two boys at the Olympic Ice Rink at Oakleigh.


YES! Sounded like fun! I haven't worn an ice skate in my life! I never roller-bladed so I wouldn't know if I should pack an extra pair of undies and pants, and a dozen of Bandaids, elbow pads and knee pads, but what the heck! I was kinda a pro at roller-skating, so I hoped at least that would help a bit.

Aidan trying on his first pair of ice skates.

Understandably, he was very nervous on those thin blades, and initially he had to hold on to a metal frame that could be glided across the rink. Once he got the hang of it, the staff took that away, and he was on his own.

Well, not exactly on his own. He caught on quite quickly, but wasn't confident enough to roam or go faster like his friend Joshua, and walked like a little penguin. As for myself, I was quite good, to be frank. Nyeh, not self-praise, but considering this was the first time, I was gooood, heh.

Will we go back again next holidays? Yep!

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