Monday, October 27, 2008

Fu latt, fu latt larr!!

1.00 AUD = 2.16684 MYR

Music to your ears eh, Malaysians? Not for me! UUwwwaaahhhhhh!! Cry also no tears leh. The amount I rugi is equivalent to my mother's one month's pocket money, even more!

I think I'd better send her air ticket to come here instead. I go back also no fun shopping liao. Go Hong Kong also no syok. At least Aidan's godfather can come in December and spend more, kekeke.

The global recession won't affect us middle class earners so much, just as long as we have our jobs to keep. But having said that, I am going to go low key on Christmas this year. I think the shops know it too, as Christmas decos are already out there, FULL ON! Hoping people will buy now before they realize what might hit them later.

Sorry mate, I am going to be extra kiam siap this year.


Kok said...

Why the exchange rate is so low now? How I wish it's this low when I was in Aust. Then I'll save more in my studies...hehe.

Aiyo, don't kiam leh. Later you become kiam chye how? haha!

Sue said...

Haiyo...I also ler...£1=RM5.60 !!!!
It was RM 6.30 gone so low..

laundryamah said...

huh??? down to 2.1 leow? sure or not??? warao eh...if it goes down more me might wanna go aussie land leow for hols again!!! :P oopss sorry ah for rubbing salt on ur wound..

LiL'deviL said...

Tell me about it. I don't send money back but I did some exchange from RM to AUD in July when it was 3.17!!! Let's just say I lost quite a large sum.