Thursday, October 02, 2008

Me slacko

Not feeling too well.

Not going for my workouts.

Not keeping my cool, thanks to two weeks school holidays.

Not getting any younger.

Not getting any slimmer.

Yet, eating chocolate mud cake and vanilla ice cream.

Like NOW.

Not the way I want it to be.

Not cool.

So not cool.

Oink oink.


LiL'deviL said...

Who cares? Carpe diem!

Nice template! Sorry haven't been visiting for a while. Haven't even been updating my own blog. But I do check out your photos on FB.

Sasha said...

u.. too tired. go sleep la and have a good rest.

Christine Lim said...

aiya, no worry la Sandee...U still prettyla. U r very much better than a lot of women of ur age. Honest! True! Trust me! Enjoy ur life to the fullest K!