Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our mini fondue

Enjoying the Haagen-Daaz fondue set in KL when we were back was no cheap matter.

I mean, everything else in the set was cheap, apart from their signature ice-cream of course. Fruits, biscuits and cream wafers, easy stuff. And since Aidan liked it so much, I decided we should have our own set.

You can see he was pretty excited about the whole thing, although I managed to get only marshmallows at the last minute.

Did I mention that he beefed up a little recently? About time! Pinchable cheeks and smackable bum, that's what I like!


Kok said...

That fondue in my place here costs RM20+! So expensive!

And yes, Aidan is meaty now. hehehe.

Sweetpea said...

that's cheap, Kok. mine is maxwell william (a common brand here) and it's AUD14.95. but if we talk $ to $ then i guess it's cheaper here :)