Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!

Mama and Daddy helped me bought Yeh Yeh a jar of lollies as prezzie.

Mama helped me write a birthday note.

We went to Yeh Yeh's house to have birthday cake.

Of course, I helped cut it, as usual. As with any cakes for anyone's birthday in my family :)


Kok said...

I guess Yeh Yeh must be very happy!:)

Have a great weekends ya!

Sweetpea said...

thanks kok. yeh yeh sure is happy, only grandchild wor (for the moment lar, no more from me, but hopefully from hubby's siblings, who are all still single!)

Sue said...

happy birthday to Yeh Yeh!

Kok said...

Time to get a second one perhaps?;)