Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mama bribed Aidan

It was a warm day. My plan for it was to take Aidan to the pool, since he hasn't been to one for quite a while.

And so my evil plan was to make him 'do some work' in order to be able to go for one on his favourite activity. He needed a haircut badly. For two reasons. One is that, he really need the haircut. Second, he needs photos taken for passport application. Surely, I cannot allow the chinapek coconut head look!

He happily sat down for Aunty Shirley. We then headed home for lunch, rested a while, and then to Ashburton pool, where we bumped into one of our mother's group's friend. Aidan had a splashing time with Artan and his friend, running up the water slide and coming down Superman style. Now Aidan never sleeps in the afternoon. Today, however, the fun was too much for him, and for me too, and we fell asleep in my bed. I can tell he is looking forward to another trip like this. Maybe I should start enrolling him for summer classes again.

As for his hair, see for yourself. With faces like these, I will have to make him practice smiling in front of the mirror for passport photos.


Kok said...

Aidan's haircut is good! Handsome boy now!:)

You should start make him practising a good post for passport photo!:P

Shern's mom said...

Nice hairstyle :)

janicepa said...

he is so cute !!.. and cheeky too..

how on earth he is goin to take a decent passport pic... ei... nevermind.. they do accept pic like this rite ?? i saw from some movies !!.. cute !