Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

This has to be a separate post from the previous one.

To tell the story that my hubby actually did try to do something for today. We were supposed to go out on a nice seafood lunch with Ching and Jess, just the four of us. He had already made all reservations and got Ching's sister to take care of Aidan and the kids for a couple of hours.

But alas, we had to cancel it at the last minute as there was an emergency situation that had arose. So last minute cancellation required last minute planning. Plan B, that is. Hubby decided to go to his brother's place to fix up the pc. Hence we had instant noodles lunch at my father-in-law's, rather romantic (sense my heavily-laced sarcasm?) and off we went to BIL's place. Hubby decided to be adventurous and took the freeway. I agreed, but forgot how old our Melway was (don't ask, it is REALLY old), and naturally, lost our way. For the second time to his house.

All was good, and later in the evening we dropped by Chaddy. Being Valentine's day, I decided to indulge in something sweet, and we stopped at Sweet Temptations, where hubby had a macchiato, Aidan a chocolate truffle, myself, my one true love, tiramisu, and we shared a chocolate ice drink. Nice.

So, this was it. Nothing too romantic. No flowers, but chocolates on the go. I did see young girls all giggly and lovey-dovey though, looking high and silly with a bunch of flowers and giant teddy bears. That was me, twenty years ago. Hah.

Happy Valentine's all the same :)

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NomadicMom said...

If there's any romantic dinner for two over here either!