Friday, February 27, 2009

That my boy?

I was sitting outside Aidan's classroom, waiting for the bell to ring, to pick him up from school.

Then I saw the vice principal, holding the hands of two girls, with some art work and library books, towards my way. I thought, some went to the library. Then I noticed the beeline, and they walked past me. Obviously the whole class went to the library.

And then I noticed a taller boy, kind of light hair, passed me by. Gee, I was thinking to myself, he is tall compared to the rest of his class. Hang on there, he looked familiar.

Alamak!! My own son lar! Since when he has grown into a young boy, and not my baby anymore?!

If the classroom was anything like my time, he would be sitting right at the back of it, while his mum was one of the front ones, no chance for mischief. But no, his classroom is 4 to a group, two pairs facing each other.

I am still lost after so many weeks. I realized I have too much time in hand, that I am trying to do everything at once, and therefore actually made me rush around, and not much time left by the time I picked him up. Get what I mean?

Bearing, bearing, come to me.

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