Thursday, February 12, 2009

A three day break

Which, incidentally, didn't give me much rest.

I opted for an alternate Wednesday off, and this week was the first. Thought I would get a good break. On Tuesday, I went to the post office to submit the application for Aidan's passport renewal, only to be told the photograph was too small. I blardy cursed the Rabbit Photo there and then, as I had specifically told them it was for a passport. And they said can can can. Can my foot!

Hence I had to rush Aidan to the post office after school for a quick pic. After all the form preparation and stuff, I couldn't use the old one anymore, as they new pic requires a guarantor's signature, who also, signed the application form. I didn't want to go all the way to Endeavour Hills, plus I had an appointment with my homeopath on Wednesday. In Preston. I need a new guarantor, and quick. And she's in Doncaster. So Wednesday was mostly spent driving around, although I had a good lunch with my friend.

Today, crazy. Why on earth I agreed to help out at Prep for the Healthy Food Promo, beats me. Morning I had another interview for the passport application, and then rushed of to Aidan's school to, at first, most parents thought we were there to cut up fruits. Heck loads of fruits and veggies! I told one of the mums this was Aidan's worst nightmare!!

Then we were just thrust into the positions of serving the kids. Aidan was amused I was there, and I managed to stuff two pieces of banana into his mouth, plus a teeny-weeny bite of apple and orange each. Gosh, he looked like I was feeding him poo. At the end, it was two hours work instead of one.

Class rep meeting when school finished. More activities to get involved in, excursions, etc. etc.

Where did my shopping time go?

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And I was just gonna ask you, "How's your long-lost freedom???"