Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chin, chin, chin, chin

It sure does all the talking doesn't it?

Here I am, half blind, barely legal to even drive after my lasik eye surgery last Friday, blogging. If you find any typo error, It is just that I have missed checking it with my temporary 2.0+ reading glasses. Then again, my hawa dingin instalments is coming to an end, but something's gotta pay for my eye surgery? Hahahaha!

It was exciting, yeah. My colleague who did the surgery before me was amazed that I could remember the details even after two tablets of 2.5mg Ativan. I mean, I can't remember some episodes, like calling my friend and talking to her that same night, or taking a walk alone the next day, but I could remember going through the surgery in that chair. Pretty gross, huh? All about that in another post.

Meantime, I am recuperating well, and heaing back to work Friday night, although I have been given two weeks' sick leave. Goes to show I am a dedicated employee. (Nah, recession times like this, better not take too much advantage, heh.)

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NomadicMom said...

I'm also thinking of doing it to correct my vision lah. I'm thinking in two years time lah...
Abit scared. You must update on your progress...