Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tired, Sleepy, Maxed-out, still not sleeping.

And that is not very clever thinking.

I have been sleeping the same time every night, but getting up early now that Aidan goes to prep. Although I do the occasional morning nap, I also use my more energy in the gym. Meaning, my sleep debt has piled up.

Aidan's feeling a tad tired too, after a long day at school. This week is the first that he is attending school every day for 5 days. Previously he had a Wednesday break, which helped a lot. He is not a fan of arvo naps, but he will laze in his bed the moment he gets home. That shows how exhausted he is. My poor boy.

On the other hand, he has put on a little weight. I can really see his 'meat-ier' body, which I always give a good tight slap on his bum. So 'yook gan'. Not that he enjoys it as much as I do :P

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