Thursday, April 30, 2009

First tooth

Aidan's got a wobbly tooth from a couple of weeks back. Yesterday it was the same when I sent him to school. I was half-expecting, non willingly to pull it out, if and when necessary, when the day comes.

So you can imagine my surprise when I picked him up from school, he ran towards me and proudly planted his finger on the vacant spot.

Mama, look! My tooth fell off!

Indeed! Where is the tooth then?

It fell in playground.

Great. Good luck in finding one tiny milk tooth in that huge playground, amongst the mulch and sand. Apparently happened during playtime. There goes my hope for saving the first tooth. Now, the second one is quite wobbly too. And I now have to keep reminding him to keep it in the pocket and give it to me if case if falls off during school hours again.

And lucky for me, just to make myself feel better, it was a clean wound. I can even feel the stump of the new tooth coming out.

Wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, explaining the missing tooth. Luckily, she was very forgiving and left a very shiny coin. The first thing Aidan said this morning was that he wanted to see the tooth fairy. I told him she only visits when he is asleep and that she is a very busy fairy, for there are so many children like him with missing teeth.

Nevertheless, he was very happy with his coin, and spent it on a Slurpee today :)

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Sasha said...

aiyah... still very lengjai although one tooth missing.