Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Missing and back

And missing soon again.

Sudah hilang passion lar. If not for mata duitan, I probably wouldn't have updated my posts right now. Bukan banyak, but every little drop can create a small pool, eh?

What you have been missing:

Aidan lost his second tooth. I was determined to keep this one, but unfortunately it has found its way into his tummy along with some garlic bread. I have no luck with his teeth. Neither does Tooth Fairy.

He called me stupid. He wanted me to fix up the PS2 games for him, and I was too lazy to do it, (and not wanting him to play that long) so I said I didn't know how, and to wait for Daddy to come home. He was annoyed and mumbled 'Stupid'. Smacked his bum and sent him to his room. The words they learn from school. Sighh.... and bracing for more when he gets older.

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