Monday, July 27, 2009

Master Mischief

We had a parent-teacher interview last week. That was for every student in the class. Each parent had fifteen minutes with the class teacher to talk about his or her child's progress for the past two terms.

Usually, Aidan is not very 'keen' on these meeting. I don't know why. It was not that we reprimanded him for anything, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Every little detail that he has improved on, we encouraged and praised.

Last Thursday, he was particularly distressed. He wanted to go home right away, and didn't 'allow' me to see his class teacher. Obviously, he wasn't getting his way. When I met the teacher, he planted his head on my back and stayed that way throughout. I told the teacher his behaviour, and she actually told me she knew what might have made that happened.

They have five computers in the classroom. What Aidan did was he deleted all his friends' names in the computer and typed his name in each of them. Hahahahaa..... that was cheeky of him. And he knew he was wrong, that was the funny part. Of course, the teacher had to be firm and said no, and probably that was why he was not happy for me to see her. He may have thought that the teacher was telling on him.

My boy, being cheeky. I like.

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