Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saman balik

Hubby gave me a funny look when I got two infringements in a month.

The funny thing is, he copped the notice because I drove the car which is under his name. So, being a nice and responsible lady like I am, I nominated myself so I could pay for the fine and that the demerit points go under my name. There went my pair of Nine West shoes.

Today, I copped a notice. And it was he who was driving the car under my name. And being a fair and responsible man he is, he nominated himself and did the same thing.

Thing is, I paid twice and the fine was more hefty than his. But our offences are different, so he got 3 demerit points, where I got 2 in total for both times.

Which is more 'jeok sou', you tell me.

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